Tuesday, March 27, 2012

tropical palm tree sunset nail art

I saw many people using this kind of glue for applying nail foil .
This makes me think that it is dangerous for the natural nail.
I also saw something interesting,I hope I am not wrong ,but I saw Robin Moses using makeup pigments also using this kind of glue.And the result is very beautiful and simultaneously gives me the impression of a Airbrush final result.
We can also use glitter but all that apply after the glue becomes transparent.
I found this glue on a nail art site ,but surely you can find the anywhere on the Internet
just type nail glue foil,or, anyway,something like that

The powders I have are from a contest that I won in the past.
It says that they are acrylic powders ,but I do not think so and I consider more as being like pigments.Because, for example,when you want to a 3D flower the powder should be mixed with acrylic white powder or transparent.
so yes it is my opinion they are rome like a pigment.
I saw them for sale,for example,on ebay
From my experience I see that they Loading to the light.
Now do not think that they glow in the dark nonstop.if they stay very much in the dark they stop to shine.So if you wake during the night you will not be scare by your nails:D
I have not used a special top coat.I just used only one that prevents chipping.

That's all I had to say about the products I used,and please do not judge;
I know that this kind of design is everywhere on the Internet,but because it a was request on youtube and also because I never had such a design on my nails,I decided I do one very similar with almost everyone but I added my own touch and I used the glow in the dark powders

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

St. Patrick's Inspired Glitter Nails

Although in my country I do not celebrate this day of saint Patrick,I decided to do a quick nail design inspiration from this day.
After I saw several nail art here on youtube who represents this day,I wanted to use the colors that typically are used.I talk about green ,yellow,... gold..
I did not know if clover is normally with 3 or 4 leaves..I decided to do it with 4..I think one is lucky with 4 :)
I hope you like it

Monday, March 5, 2012

Vintage hat Inspired pink and black Nails

the days when we shot this video outside was a very nasty weather.
because of this the video and even the pictures have not a very good quality.
I did everything possible but this is it
My inspiration came when I found on google some pictures of vintage woman hats
they were very elegant and the lace that covered the face seemed to me that gave the girl a very mysterious air.
I took a bit from several hats models and put them together
I really like the result and my nails were very admired
I think because it had a lot of details
I hope you enjoy it too.kisses
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