The most frequent questions for me on youtube

This page will be completed along the way with other questions that are addressed to me on youtube
so that I can direct my subscribers and to avoid to respund to the same questions over and over
I hope it will be helpful and if you have any questions left them on my youtube on one of the videos

Where you buy your brushes  ?   
      Except for a set of brushes that I have on ,my brushes are bought from local stores

How you clean your brushes?

After I used nail polish I clean my brushes with acetone
I then soak them in water so the brush hairs  to remain soft 
Here we have an example

 After I used acrylic paint I clean brushes with water
I keep a bowl of water with me when I do my nails so I can clean my brushes immediately.If the paint dries on the brush I return to the acetone to clean them

Where you buy your most supplies for nails?
    The majority are from ebay but also from local shops

Why  you use so much acrylic paint to create the details instead of nail polish?
I love acrylic paint for the  for the details of the nail very easy to draw thin lines with these.,and also does not thicken like a nail polish
Is very easy to work with acrylic paints
And also if  the design is wrong you  can remove it immediately and easy with water

What brand of acrylic paint is good for nails?
Any brand of acrylic paint work on nails.

Where to buy acrylic paints?
I buy my acrylic paints in any local stores that sell the :) 

Acrylic paint is damaging for nails?

no!! Acrylic paints are not at all harmful to the nails!!!

How long resist acrylic paint on nails?
Acrylic paints nails last pretty much if you know how to use them properly.
You should know that normally you can not put acrylic paints  on the tip of the nail.
And if you do that you must be aware that they can chip much faster than a nail polish.
So it is better to protect well the nail after you use acrylic  with a top coat.
You wonder if  acrylic paint stains the nails?
I do not know but it is better to uses one base coat to make sure :D

Are nails fake ?
 You use acrylic powder or gel ?
For 2 years I have started using acrylic.and shortly gels for nails.
My natural nails can be seen only in videos where you can see short nails :D

You have a favorite nail base.
.I do not have a favorite nail base but I have a favorite nail treatment
Here you can find a review that I made  for it 

You have a favorite top coat
My favorite top coat is from OPI


  1. I noticed that the brush is cut on the Pink & White Lily One Stroke video. Please provide details as to what brush type to buy and how to cut/prepare the brush to get your results. Thank you for anything you can do to help. :)

  2. How do you replicate the design on both hands??

  3. Buna, intr-unul din video ale tale, am vaz ca recomandai siteul Am facut si eu o comanda acum 4 zile.. dar la status comanda imi arata ca este inca in stare de procesare. ai idee cam cat ar dura sa ajunga comanda in Romania? si cu ce fel de curier vine? m-am tot uitat p;e siteul lor dupa info... dar nu prea m-am lamurit. Daca stii ceva... lasa-mi te rog un msj, merci!!


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