Monday, March 5, 2012

Vintage hat Inspired pink and black Nails

the days when we shot this video outside was a very nasty weather.
because of this the video and even the pictures have not a very good quality.
I did everything possible but this is it
My inspiration came when I found on google some pictures of vintage woman hats
they were very elegant and the lace that covered the face seemed to me that gave the girl a very mysterious air.
I took a bit from several hats models and put them together
I really like the result and my nails were very admired
I think because it had a lot of details
I hope you enjoy it too.kisses


  1. dragute :d like

  2. Very beautiful and creative! :)

  3. Beautiful nail art.
    I've got a blog award for you.

    Check out my blog post.

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    Thank you!
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    P.S: your nail arts are wonderful!

  5. Wow! Very creative and lovely!

  6. Amazing nail art!! You are so good at it :)

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  7. This is really beautifull i wish i could make stuff like that!
    definetly following u


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