Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Abstract TATTOO Inspired nail art, futuristic alien edge nails

 Hello all !!!
I made ​​another shape to my nails,and I'm happy with the result.
I spent a lot of time to do them and I can say that they have consumed a lot of product.And I'm talking about gel, because I made them with gel.
But I think they deserved it :)
I feel like my fingers are much longer and elegant,thing  that I like very much
And although my nails have this shape they are very comfortable too.
and therefore I think I will use them more often:)
I hope you like it as much as I do!!
Thank you for visiting my page
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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Green and silver gel nail art


again I was playing with gels
I know that what I did is not perfect but I try to make the best possible!!!

I hope you enjoy this idea made by me
maybe one day I will reproduce almost the same design on my nails
and do not hesitate to visit my youtube page where you will find tutorials step by step with lots of other nail designs

Monday, October 1, 2012

Sexy Red nail art design *>_<*

 Here I just played around with the  gels that I have.

this total gel nail design was created with the following products...

I hope you enjoy this idea made by me
maybe one day I will reproduce almost the same design on my nails
and do not hesitate to visit my youtube page where you will find tutorials step by step with lots of other nail designs

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Blue nail art design with white flower

Here I took a thin brush and blue acrylic paint.  This is my favorite brush *>_<*
and I created some small squares

 this blue glitter nail polish will help me to give a little shine to the squares

 and then I created a simple flower and some details with white acrylic paint
If you want to see larger the pictures just  click on them
I finished with a transparent nail polish

I hope you enjoy this idea made by me
maybe one day I will reproduce almost the same design on my nails
and do not hesitate to visit my youtube page where you will find tutorials step by step with lots of other nail designs

Friday, September 28, 2012

Blue nail art with 3D design

I hope you enjoy this idea made by me
maybe one day I will reproduce almost the same design on my nails
and do not hesitate to visit my youtube page where you will find tutorials step by step with lots of other nail designs

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Delicate nail art,sweet flower design

hi!!!  I just uploaded a new video on youtube
I hope you support me and watch it
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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Colorful fantasy nail design,konad stamping nail art and one stroke nail technique

A nail design that combines konad stamping nail art and one stroke nail technique
And that I hope you enjoy

Some pictures from my future tutorial that will be on my youtube page
click on the picture to view them more big

A few details about the products used
I angular brush I have is from a set of 15 brushes from bornprettystore
the brush for the details is bought from a DIY store in the city: 2/0 Ranhael 8424 Martre
the Acrylic paints are bought from ebay or in local stores

I think this nail design s can put on nails short without problems
Or from this nail art can be easily done multiple designs
For example
We remove the petals made ​​with acrylic paint and remain only with rainbow and stamps
Also removing some details we could have a different style...

Do not hesitate to be inspired from what I did
I am here to share with you what I do and I'm not saying that what I did must remain only mine or just as I have made it :)
Here is another link that will lead to an old post of mine
in which I talk a bit about my experience in what consists one stroke nail technique

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Herome extra strong nail hardener review

Hello all
I made ​​this post especially for those who follow me on youtube
I was often asked to give advice on how to keep long nails
I have fake nails for almost two years
So I am not able give such give advices
But I still use a product when I want to let my nails breath
is Herome Extra Strong Nail Hardener
This product is actually a treatment for nails
But it can also used as a nail base .
Inside the box it can find a prescription with all the details
Now comes my own experience after using this product 4 times
Very clearly is written on the box that this product can not by used immediately after your remove artificial nails .
First time I have not listened to this advice:)
I said :" It would not melt my nails! " :D
It did not ,but because my nails are soft after using the gel or acrylic ,I had a burning sensation in the nails for 10, 20 minutes
Now not think it was a feeling that could not be supported
but this feeling was there and I think it is good to know
The next time when I used this product after I remove fake nails ,I use for a few days a normal base for nails and only after that I start the treatment.Perhaps for those who have natural nails all the time this will not happen.
This treatment is done for two weeks:first day put a layer,the next day put the second layer,the third day remove the two layers and start again,continue like so for 2 weeks.
Even if this product is used every day is NOT uncomfortable because the product dries very quickly ; So in five minutes everything is dry
Also is indicated not to touch the skin and every time to put a very thin layer
to not have that burning sensation
Another thing that I think is a plus for this product is that it has a natural color(a kind of beige) which gives to the nail a clean and neat you will NOT be embarrassed with your nails if you do not wear nail polish!
This product says it stimulates nail growth,but do not think that this will happen overnight.
I had improvements with 50 percent in my nails ,I think that is pretty good
But do not think that after I used it,I could use my nails as a tool:D
I have bought it from sephora and I paid around 15 euros
A bottle can be used twice for two weeks,so I think it's a good deal for such a product
I definitely will buy it again,I do not have enough patience so I return to artificial nails every time:D , but when I take them off herome extra strong nail hardener will be on my nails
I hope my opinion will help you decide if you will buy it or not
1: the first layer on the first day
2 : the second day a second layer
3 :third day remove and start again
4: put thin layers
5: avoid skin

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

tropical palm tree sunset nail art

I saw many people using this kind of glue for applying nail foil .
This makes me think that it is dangerous for the natural nail.
I also saw something interesting,I hope I am not wrong ,but I saw Robin Moses using makeup pigments also using this kind of glue.And the result is very beautiful and simultaneously gives me the impression of a Airbrush final result.
We can also use glitter but all that apply after the glue becomes transparent.
I found this glue on a nail art site ,but surely you can find the anywhere on the Internet
just type nail glue foil,or, anyway,something like that

The powders I have are from a contest that I won in the past.
It says that they are acrylic powders ,but I do not think so and I consider more as being like pigments.Because, for example,when you want to a 3D flower the powder should be mixed with acrylic white powder or transparent.
so yes it is my opinion they are rome like a pigment.
I saw them for sale,for example,on ebay
From my experience I see that they Loading to the light.
Now do not think that they glow in the dark nonstop.if they stay very much in the dark they stop to shine.So if you wake during the night you will not be scare by your nails:D
I have not used a special top coat.I just used only one that prevents chipping.

That's all I had to say about the products I used,and please do not judge;
I know that this kind of design is everywhere on the Internet,but because it a was request on youtube and also because I never had such a design on my nails,I decided I do one very similar with almost everyone but I added my own touch and I used the glow in the dark powders

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

St. Patrick's Inspired Glitter Nails

Although in my country I do not celebrate this day of saint Patrick,I decided to do a quick nail design inspiration from this day.
After I saw several nail art here on youtube who represents this day,I wanted to use the colors that typically are used.I talk about green ,yellow,... gold..
I did not know if clover is normally with 3 or 4 leaves..I decided to do it with 4..I think one is lucky with 4 :)
I hope you like it

Monday, March 5, 2012

Vintage hat Inspired pink and black Nails

the days when we shot this video outside was a very nasty weather.
because of this the video and even the pictures have not a very good quality.
I did everything possible but this is it
My inspiration came when I found on google some pictures of vintage woman hats
they were very elegant and the lace that covered the face seemed to me that gave the girl a very mysterious air.
I took a bit from several hats models and put them together
I really like the result and my nails were very admired
I think because it had a lot of details
I hope you enjoy it too.kisses
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