Friday, October 21, 2011

One stroke nail art pink flower

Practice makes the difference:D
So again I had the mood to make a one stroke nail art .to become better:D
I just love this technique
I have no time yet to do the tutorial for youtube but hopefully next week I will upload it.

Although I am not at all an expert it seems that what I do is appreciated.And it was a big surprise when I received some comments and messages (when I did similar designs) where some girls asked me to give them some advice on this technique.
When the tutorial for this design comes I will try to be more explicit.
But I still have small problem with this technique.It is about the paint...the paint should not be too watery and not too thick
My paints are a bit watery .That's why I like to fill my brush with paint before using it on nails.(I just mean for this technique)
I .. to manage to do flowers using this technique,I try to stick with big petals,so the transition of the colors will be more evident,and in my opinion more beautiful.You can see this in all my designs where I used One stroke technique.perhaps after more time to practice I will be able to make small flowers:D
So ..more simple
here I will make a list that I personally take into account when I do one stroke nail art design
1 :appropriate brush
2: of course acrylic paints
3:I try to fill the brush with paint so it go good between the brush fibers
4:the nail should be smooth
5:make big flowers so the transaction of colors to be more visible
6:also ...if the color of leaf is not visible let it dry for a few seconds and go again over the petal with the brush filled with the paint
7:fill the brush with paint every time (or the second time) after you make a petal
8:put a layer of top coat after the the paint has dried completely
is simple but it takes practice
This is what I do;I do not know if good ar not ,but after I have practiced this is the method that best suits for me .
I hope this post to answer some questions that I receive.
If I wrote something wrong excuse me!!!
Thanks for your visit

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dark colored design with a touch of FIMO

A small explosion of color on the tip of the nailsIn the pictures the colors can not be seen too well but in reality they are very intense:D

The colors that I've used

For this design I really wanted to use two colors that my boyfriend bought for me:)
These are the blue and the purple...
They are some colors not very pigmented.
So to get a nice color I should put several layers.:(
But I really like them.
I am not a person to do my nails depending on weather:D,but in my opinion they are very appropriate for the cold season

Monday, October 17, 2011

My favorite cream for hands and nails

Hello everyone.

Here I present my favorite cream for hands.
And what I love about this cream is that it is also for nails.:)
I, in general, I have dry skin, and I always look for creams that moisturize my skin very very well.
But for hands is not the most convenient to have a moisturizer with a greasy texture.
But.... This cream has saved me.

It hydrates my skin very well and at the same time penetrates the skin very quickly, and makes my skin very soft:)... and cooler...: also helps me to hydrated my cuticles
In a word :BRILLIANT .

But is also something I do not like .Is the smell... Do not think that is something disgusting,not at all...
It is just not my favorite one . I can not describe it. but is something strong compared to what I used before
I in general creams with a soft odor.
But this is something minor...I will definitely continue to use it :)
Kisses and I wish you awonderful day

Monday, October 10, 2011

Black and gray nail design tutorial

Hello everyone :)
so... this design I would have considered it as one for Halloween...
because it is made ​​with only dark colors
may seem stupid ...bu in my view looks like a spider
However I am not quite good to do such designs
perhaps because in my country I have not grown with this Halloween event
I would have liked
anyway I hope you like it :)
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