Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fan with some of my nail art designs

Hellooooo;  Here is a small example of what I do when I play with my collection of nail stuff...or when I'm bored.....or as in this moment when I do not have put gel nails on.My nails are tiny...:(   I can not put anything on them.ufffff
but it is ok
I occasionally take a break from fake nails to let the natural ones to breathe:D
but I never  resist more than 2 weeks without long nails on. It's only been a week for now and already I do not have more patience hahaha
it is very nice to have something like this.   It comes with 50 natural false tips,
and the nails are long enough so you can practice very good on them 
I love it.
So I hope you have a nice week
I  kiss you all

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