Monday, December 29, 2014

New Year's Eve 2015 NAIL ART DESIGN

Hello everyone.
Thank you for being here.
Here is a simple nail design.
It is made with semi-permanent gel.
Is simple but elegant and festive.
I think it is perfect for New Year's Eve but all at once for any kind of party.

Monday, December 1, 2014

How To Outline Your Nail Art Easy For Beginners

Step 1
Create the form with the color with which you want it to be outlined

Step 2
choose the color with which  you want the form to be colored 
and fill the the form, leaving an edge of the previous color
(as for everything,you have to practice a little to be comfortable working with a tiny brush)

Step 3
from here you can add other details

I work with acrylic paints to create almost anything
It dries faster than nail polish
and they resist very well if it is sealed with 2 coats of top coat

Friday, July 11, 2014

My New Product From sammydress

  • Crystal clear and high quality plastic material
  • Not easy to damage, will not deformation at high temperature
  • Groove design, in line with the structure of hand shape

  • Soft brush provides an excellent touch feeling
  • Offers wonderful coverage for your whole face to ensure a flawless finish
  • Perfect applicator for your daily makeup
  • Slim size perfectly fits to any makeup bag 

  • Dual sides, the tough sanding block side and sponge side
  • The magic polishing effect can appear in a short time, firstly, using the rough surface polishing lightly into several times, remove a surface grain, and from the rough surface to tender surface, until the fine nail polishing
  • Professional nail art tool for women 

discount code (SAS10FAFF) 10% 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Born Pretty Store Rhinestones And Studs

Here are some enormous rhinestones that I love .
They come in two sizes  and even the large size looks good on short nails like mine .
they stand quite well on the nails if you apply them with a normal top coat.
but if you want them to last more than a few days I think it is a better idea for you  stick them with nail glue .
one last thing ..they do not lose their shine even after several days  

Here are some metal studs .
the colors and their reflections made ​​me fall in love with them at first sight  :)
These studs are absolutely gorgeous 
I have nothing to reproach them 

New colorful nail art decoration : 

New mini rhineston nail art : 

coupon code TATX31

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Hair Clipper Trimmer and Herbal Deep Cleansing Mask

Hello to all
Here are two products that I've bought on
I have bought several  products but only for the time these came
The first is the  Hair Clipper which I wanted for a long time .
I very much delighted the price ,just $ 5.27 + Free Shipping everywhere in the world  (The original is around $ 30 )
Is made of a resistant material and corresponds to the descriptions on the website .
I still  have not tried but I can not wait :D
Here you have the link if you are interested 

The second item is this set of 6 Packs Herbal Deep Cleansing Nose Pores Mask
I tried it, I liked it ,and I recommend it 
first ...the price is amazing ,just $ 1.93 + free shipping anywhere in the world 
secondly :This mask does its job as any expensive product .
  It not irritated my skin considering that I have a dry skin .It has an odor but not a disturbing one .
You can use an envelope twice ...but the product that remains in the envelope must be sealed so that it does not dry .
Here you have the link if you are interested

Monday, April 14, 2014

Nice Handbag spring-summer 2014,

 a very nice bag and fashionable
is made from jeans ,which makes it fit with a lot of outfit .
not too big and not too small ,it is perfect to carry the necessary  ( Size (L x W x H): 30 x 10 x 23 CM)
is very cheap ..for the price I invite you to visit the website click here
also here is a   discount code (SAS10FAFF) 10% if you want to buy something from this website 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Nail PolishSshades Device and Practice Nails

keep track of your nail polish shades with these kind of nails 

they fit on almost all types of bottles 
with a color that mimics the natural nail 
you will find 50 pieces for  now:  $2.57 + free shipping

Fan nail art practice 

a very cool set of 50 nails for practice 
they come in a natural color 
this is my second set that I can not wait to fill it with nail art designs
with a perfect legth to make and expose your creations 
Now:  $3.42 + free shipping   10%  discount code (FEB0310FAFF)  

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cute Small Bag & Pretty Women Watch sammydress com

Here is a small and very nice made of a soft material.
I think this bag fits many styles..I invite you to watch the video to see a more detailed review.
I also have a matching watch  which I think is very cute .especially as it comes with a very modern and cool bracelet.  
 10%  discount code (FEB0310FAFF)
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