Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Herome extra strong nail hardener review

Hello all
I made ​​this post especially for those who follow me on youtube
I was often asked to give advice on how to keep long nails
I have fake nails for almost two years
So I am not able give such give advices
But I still use a product when I want to let my nails breath
is Herome Extra Strong Nail Hardener
This product is actually a treatment for nails
But it can also used as a nail base .
Inside the box it can find a prescription with all the details
Now comes my own experience after using this product 4 times
Very clearly is written on the box that this product can not by used immediately after your remove artificial nails .
First time I have not listened to this advice:)
I said :" It would not melt my nails! " :D
It did not ,but because my nails are soft after using the gel or acrylic ,I had a burning sensation in the nails for 10, 20 minutes
Now ...do not think it was a feeling that could not be supported
but this feeling was there and I think it is good to know
The next time when I used this product after I remove fake nails ,I use for a few days a normal base for nails and only after that I start the treatment.Perhaps for those who have natural nails all the time this will not happen.
This treatment is done for two weeks:first day put a layer,the next day put the second layer,the third day remove the two layers and start again,continue like so for 2 weeks.
Even if this product is used every day is NOT uncomfortable because the product dries very quickly ; So in five minutes everything is dry
Also is indicated not to touch the skin and every time to put a very thin layer
to not have that burning sensation
Another thing that I think is a plus for this product is that it has a natural color(a kind of beige) which gives to the nail a clean and neat look.so you will NOT be embarrassed with your nails if you do not wear nail polish!
This product says it stimulates nail growth,but do not think that this will happen overnight.
I had improvements with 50 percent in my nails ,I think that is pretty good
But do not think that after I used it,I could use my nails as a tool:D
I have bought it from sephora and I paid around 15 euros
A bottle can be used twice for two weeks,so I think it's a good deal for such a product
I definitely will buy it again,I do not have enough patience so I return to artificial nails every time:D , but when I take them off herome extra strong nail hardener will be on my nails
I hope my opinion will help you decide if you will buy it or not
1: the first layer on the first day
2 : the second day a second layer
3 :third day remove and start again
4: put thin layers
5: avoid skin


  1. Sounds very similar to nailtiques.I tried to use nailtiques but it gave me a burning sensation too.

  2. On th third day of removing herome do I re apply strait away or wait until the next day.


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