Monday, October 17, 2011

My favorite cream for hands and nails

Hello everyone.

Here I present my favorite cream for hands.
And what I love about this cream is that it is also for nails.:)
I, in general, I have dry skin, and I always look for creams that moisturize my skin very very well.
But for hands is not the most convenient to have a moisturizer with a greasy texture.
But.... This cream has saved me.

It hydrates my skin very well and at the same time penetrates the skin very quickly, and makes my skin very soft:)... and cooler...: also helps me to hydrated my cuticles
In a word :BRILLIANT .

But is also something I do not like .Is the smell... Do not think that is something disgusting,not at all...
It is just not my favorite one . I can not describe it. but is something strong compared to what I used before
I in general creams with a soft odor.
But this is something minor...I will definitely continue to use it :)
Kisses and I wish you awonderful day


  1. uleiul de masline sau uleiul de ricin de asemenea sunt foooarte benefice pentru maini si unghii
    si daca le combini cu putin ulei de vanilie obtii ceva minunat


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