Thursday, June 28, 2012

Colorful fantasy nail design,konad stamping nail art and one stroke nail technique

A nail design that combines konad stamping nail art and one stroke nail technique
And that I hope you enjoy

Some pictures from my future tutorial that will be on my youtube page
click on the picture to view them more big

A few details about the products used
I angular brush I have is from a set of 15 brushes from bornprettystore
the brush for the details is bought from a DIY store in the city: 2/0 Ranhael 8424 Martre
the Acrylic paints are bought from ebay or in local stores

I think this nail design s can put on nails short without problems
Or from this nail art can be easily done multiple designs
For example
We remove the petals made ​​with acrylic paint and remain only with rainbow and stamps
Also removing some details we could have a different style...

Do not hesitate to be inspired from what I did
I am here to share with you what I do and I'm not saying that what I did must remain only mine or just as I have made it :)
Here is another link that will lead to an old post of mine
in which I talk a bit about my experience in what consists one stroke nail technique

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  1. your desings are always so creative and professional! I really enjoy your work^^
    want to give you the Liebster Award, cause you are one of my liebster blog =)


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