Sunday, May 25, 2014

Hair Clipper Trimmer and Herbal Deep Cleansing Mask

Hello to all
Here are two products that I've bought on
I have bought several  products but only for the time these came
The first is the  Hair Clipper which I wanted for a long time .
I very much delighted the price ,just $ 5.27 + Free Shipping everywhere in the world  (The original is around $ 30 )
Is made of a resistant material and corresponds to the descriptions on the website .
I still  have not tried but I can not wait :D
Here you have the link if you are interested 

The second item is this set of 6 Packs Herbal Deep Cleansing Nose Pores Mask
I tried it, I liked it ,and I recommend it 
first ...the price is amazing ,just $ 1.93 + free shipping anywhere in the world 
secondly :This mask does its job as any expensive product .
  It not irritated my skin considering that I have a dry skin .It has an odor but not a disturbing one .
You can use an envelope twice ...but the product that remains in the envelope must be sealed so that it does not dry .
Here you have the link if you are interested

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